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Alex Kidd In Miracle World
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In this platformer from the 1980s, you’re Alex Kidd, looking for your lost brother Egle. In order to find your brother, you’ll have to contend with the evil Janken the Great, who will send his henchmen and monsters at you to thw...

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  • Gradius 3
    Game added: August 29, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    Gradius III is a scrolling arcade shooter game that was originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1991. The game puts you into the roll of Vic Viper, a starfighter that must combat against the Bacterion Empire. You must make your way through ten levels and battle against many evil foes. The Super Nintendo release is different from the original arcade version by offering decreased difficulty, an increase in armaments, and the ability to continue…

  • Double Dragon 3
    Game added: June 11, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    The NES version of Double Dragon III (Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones) follows the same premise as the arcade version. However, the game’s script was completely rewritten for its English localization, with Billy and Jimmy being given a motive to help out Hiruko search for the Sacred Stones by having Marion (the heroine from previous games) disappear again. The final boss, originally a revived Cleopatra in the arcade and Famicom versions, is…

  • Donkey Kong Country 2
    Game added: April 5, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by the evil Kaptain K. Rool, who is demanding DK’s hard-earned banana hoard as a ransom! But there’s no way the Kongs are going to give it up that easily!

    In this pirate-themed sequel to the hit Donkey Kong Country, guide Diddy or Dixie Kong through eight wild worlds of comical action across the Kremling-infested Crocodile Isle.

  • WWF Raw
    Game added: November 23, 2010 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    WWF Raw is a professional wrestling game featuring 10 superstars from the World Wrestling Federation. The wrestlers you can choose from include Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Bam Bam Bigelow, 1-2-3 Kid, Diesel, Doink, Lex Luger, Luna Vachon, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and Yokozuna.

    In this game, you attempt to pin your opponent to the mat by …

  • Magic Sword
    Game added: November 23, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Slug your way through the grueling, sweat-pounding matches of the Minor, Major and World Circuits as you face off against some of Little Mac’s greatest rivals, such as Bear Hugger, Bald Bull and Super Macho Man. With a cast of new challengers waiting, do you have what it takes to identify their unique patterns and exploit their weaknesses? Go to your corner and come out fighting, but remember what Doc Louis would say: “It’s not about brawling-it’s about …

  • Eye of the Beholder
    Game added: November 14, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder is a dungeon crawler RPG with a first-person perspective based on the 2nd Edition AD&D rules. Your starting party consists of four characters and up to two NPCs can join later. Combat and magic happen in real time. Fight over a dozen different monster varieties and cast over 40 spells. A point-and-click interface makes exploring, fighting, spellcasting and handling objects easy.

  • Final Fight
    Game added: November 1, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Final Fight must rank as one of the most popular arcade games ever, and is used as a yard-stick to judge all scrolling beat ‘em ups. So how does the SNES version compare to the original? Well, it’s missing the two-player mode and one entire level, but apart from that it’s pretty much the same. All the moves are there, all the enemies are there (apart from the two girls who’ve been censored and replaced by Sid and Billy) and all the action is there.

  • Jet Set Willy
    Game added: July 2, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Jet Set Willy is a platform game in which the player moves the protagonist, Willy, from room to room in his mansion collecting objects. The room’s exits may be in any direction, and the objects may be collected in any order. Willy is controlled using only left, right and jump. He can climb stairs by walking into them (jumping through them to avoid them) and climb swinging ropes by pushing left or right depending on what direction the rope is swinging in.

  • Earthworm Jim
    Game added: June 21, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    A great game for a time, Earthworm Jim is a faithful and amusing adaptation of the collectible card game, but it suffers as a single-player video game. Earthworm Jim is no Mario, but he still has a following out there that will be more than happy to take him on the run. I’m all for revisiting classic games, but in all honesty EWJ just doesn’t seem old enough to merit any real nostalgia. The Game Boy Advance is clearly demonstrating how easy it is …

  • Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
    Game added: May 18, 2010 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker is a franchise for some several video games created by U.S. Gold and Sega in 1989 and 1990 that incorporate the personage of and were co-developed by Michael Jackson. The arcade version, home video games and home computer versions all differ in terms of gameplay, but the story and concept remain constant. The story, which is taken from the Moonwalker film, follows Michael, using various music and dance …

  • Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap
    Game added: May 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap is a side-scrolling platform game and action role-playing game in which the player controls Wonder Boy as he looks for the Salamander Cross that is hidden by the Vampire Dragon in Monster Land. The player uses the directional pad to move Wonder Boy left or right, crouch down (only possible with Hu-Man or Lizard-Man), or by entering doors by holding up. Players use the buttons on the game’s controller to attack enemies and …

  • Ys The Vanished Omens
    Game added: May 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Ys: The Vanished Omens beat Phantasy Star to the Master System bya year, making it the first RPG available for the system. This is also the first North American exposure to this long-running and influential RPG series from Falcom. Ys stars Adol, an adventurer that must rid the land of the horrors of Dark Dekt. In order to defeat the sorcerer, you must hunt down six stolen books that reveal the secrets of the land of Ys.

  • Dizzy IV – Magicland Dizzy
    Game added: May 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Our old friend Dizzy is back with a vengeance — this time he’s going to show evil wizard Zaks exactly what he’s made of (what? Egg white and yolk?). Zaks has cast one of his deadly spells, and it’s Dizzy who has to put things right.

    Each of Dizzy’s pals has had a different spell cast over them: Dylan has been tangled up in a bush, Dora turned into a frog, Dozy has been sent to sleep …

  • Chuckie Egg
    Game added: March 5, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    In the game you play Hen House Harry who has to collect 12 (a dozen) eggs from each level, while avoiding the ducklings. The levels each occupy a single screen and are made up of platforms, ladders, lifts (or elevators), and are thus similar to those in classic platform games such as Donkey Kong. Corn can also be collected, which stops the time limit from ticking down and also stops the bonus, collected when the level is completed …

  • Golden Axe
    Game added: December 8, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    The brave warrior Tarik has set out on a journey of adventure equipped with his powerful sword and magic in order to retrieve the Golden Axe which has been stolen by the Titan Death-Adder. The journey that lies ahead is filled with danger and treachery as Tarik will have to do battle with many bandits and strange creatures that are waiting for him.

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