Clash of Clans for Android: Barbaric action strategy for mobile phones


You’re talking about epic battles and strategic campaigns? You want to build your own virtual village and compete against other players online? Then the app Clash of Clans for Android is just the thing for you.

Anyone who has ever wanted to leave his barbaric side unchecked and fight against thousands of other players online, should definitely get the free App Clash of Titans for his Android device. Above all, the mixture of strategic combat planning and epic wedge has already attracted thousands of players. And maybe you will soon be one of the great leaders. In the realm of real-time strategy games like Ages of Empire or Command & Conquer, you can prove your strategic abilities at Clash of Titans for Android, destroying other clans.

Clash of Clans for Android: The features

  • In Clash of Clans, you can either build your own clan of barbarians, dragons, magicians, and other fighters, or join an existing Klan and build it together with others
  • Build your village and make it an impregnable fortress with guns, bombs, towers, traps, mortars and walls.
  • Play against players all over the world and defeat them to gain victory points
  • Use a total of 15 different units, all of which can be improved
  • Increases in online rankings
  • Imagine goblin battles to collect experience points that will help you upgrade your clan

In order for you to play the game, an Internet connection is mandatory. Clash of Clans is free to upgrade your clan and village faster, you can make in-app purchases, but this is not a must.

And if you’re looking for tips, tricks, and maybe Clash of Clans hack, take a look at this detailed article. In addition, you will learn how to transfer a Clash Of Clans game. And all questions about the game you can find in the Clash of Clans Wiki.

The setup and strategy game is currently only available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad.

Top Eleven Tips for Winning Tokens

Top Eleven Tip 1. Always remember that recruiting young players will give you an edge over your opponents. Click on the Squad section and check if your current players are on the brink of retirement, or low in skills or health. You can dismiss or sell your old players, poor performers. In the first levels, you will have to sell your players in order to empty the space for new players.

Top Eleven Tip 2. Make sure you have the right trainings. They are essential for your victory. In the Squad screen, select the Training tab and select an active or pre-defined training of better choices. Tactics predefined give you more options to have a perfect training for your team.

What is the most effective active tactic (Training) you recommend Top Eleven?

4-1-3-2 (we recommend)

Top Eleven Tip 3. Always train your players every time you get an opportunity. To train them, go to the training screen and choose the type of training. You will have four training exercises to choose from: Practice Match, Cardio, and Stretching. A few tips:

Training your players in all three types. This will help you enormously in generating skill points.
Each training session lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Clicking on these training modules will gain a certain percentage of skills, but will also reduce the state of health. For example, the stretching exercise will help each player gain on the average 10% of a skill point, but will reduce health by 3%.
The training helps to improve your player skills, but make sure that you do not exaggerate that other process there could be chances of an injury. Check the intensity, and make sure the training level is “Normal” and not “Hard” to avoid injury.

Top Eleven Tip 4. You can earn tokens and money by dealing with sponsors, increasing your ticket sales, using top eleven hack or getting money from the bank. Here are some key tips about earning money and tokens in the Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager:

Sponsorship offers are a sure-shot way to earn money. To sign up for an agreement, go to the Finances screen and click on the Referral tab. Click on the available sponsor to find out how much money you can earn for a season.
To win chips, you can sign up for television rights. To sign a deal, click on the TV Rights tab at the top and click on the open offers. You will get up to 30 chips for a period of 10 days. Make sure to come back often (ie to connect to Facebook and play the game) to win chips. For each connection, you get an additional token.
Another way to earn money is to increase ticket sales. In the Finances screen, set the ticket price and the winning bonus to encourage your club players for a win.
To increase ticket sales, all you have to do is select the Stadium and click the Updates button on the lower right side of the screen. A window will open giving you options to increase your seats, change the type of field, and add more facilities. The bigger and better your stadium, the more spectators you are likely to attract.
If none of these give you enough money to meet your club’s needs, you can get financial help from the banks. On the Finances screen, click the Bank’s Help tab to get cash. But remember that you will have to spend a few chips to get money from a bank.

Top Eleven Tip 5. Avoid cheaters and hacks. You can try trainers but personally I am against using any shortcut to success. It kills the spirit of the game and it is not fun at all in cheating.


Clash Royale: Tips, Tricks, Strategies, Deck and Gems


Anyone looking for help with Clash Royale is exactly right here. With us, you will learn how to become even more successful at Clash Royale, which offers tips, tricks, strategies and tactics. In addition, you will find deck recommendations as well as the test for Clash Royale. You are, of course, invited to share your experiences. Update: We have new beginners’ tips as well as deck tips for you.

Clash Royale: You’re in demand

At Clash Royale many ways lead to success and often it is trifles that decide about victory and defeat. Exactly these details are overlooked but unfortunately often and exactly for this article is there. It is designed to give beginners as well as advanced players an overview and help to make them even more fun with Clash Royale.

A lot of tips will be appreciated by highly skilled players, but please remember: Everyone started small.

Clash Royale: Tips for beginners

At the beginning you should pay attention to a balanced mixture of the units. This also applies to the later game. Take not only strong units, which cost a lot of elixirs.
Do not panic if your opponent presses you or if a tower is lost. Who is hovering has already lost.
If there is only one minute of combat time, do not throw all units forward immediately. Also pay attention to the fact that your towers as well as the Kings Tower (the tower in the middle) are protected.
Trying to go about studying. Just try out different combat units and then settle your tactics.
Join a clan: Get your cards from other clan members, you can donate cards and come to Extragold and organize training matches. In these battles, you can try out new tactics, as you will not lose any trophies in a defeat.
Include the towers in your game. If possible, allow enemies to reach your towers, so that they can then shoot with arrows or the main tower cannon.

Clash Royale: Deck Tips

If you want to win a Clash Royale victory, you need not only an ingenious tactic, but also a good deck. Important: The perfect map deck does not exist, just the perfect tactic. To be successful with Clash Royale, you should consider these tips.

Think of your deck regularly. As your units are updated and new, which are sometimes stronger, you should check again and again whether the units are still well-coordinated. The perfect deck, which has eternal existence, does not exist.
As mentioned in the introductory tips: Do not just take expensive units. It is also advisable to introduce only low-priced units into the field.
As a rule of thumb, you should include units that are fast, capable of targeting units that can quickly destroy towers, and units specializing in defenses (for example, defense towers).
Customize your cards. So if you like to play aggressively, you can pick up units that can be played quickly. If, on the other hand, a more defensive tactics is chosen, then the units that can withstand a lot. But here too, the mix is what makes it.

Clash Royale: tactics and strategies

If you do not react fast enough to your opponent’s actions and simply send your units to the field, Clash Royale has no chance. The player should already think about how he wants to shape a match. For some help, you will find some simple strategies.

Wait until the elixir screen is full (10) and then play your cards.
If you do not get good cards at the beginning, or if the fighters are not fast enough, they prefer to sit at the back of the field and wait for what the opponent is doing.
Shield your distance fighters by strong combat units. Send a giant, for example, and behind it a bomber.
Save your victory: If you have already destroyed a tower of your opponent, you are in the advantage and can react very well to the attacks of the opponent. Especially with equal players, it is advisable to concentrate on the defensive after the destruction of the tower.
If it is apparent that one of your towers is destroyed, send troops to the opposing tower. It often brings nothing to fight for a tower, which has only little energy. Often he is then destroyed by a fireball, for example.
Your towers can defend themselves very well against many opponents. If, for example, you are attacking weak spearboots from a goblin hut or a skeletal arm, you do not necessarily have to use a fighter for defense. The tower may take a bit of damage, but it is a pain.
Units that destroy towers very quickly (knights, giants, etc.) are very troublesome and many combat units are superior. To lure them away from the towers, it is a good idea to place a building (eg a goblin hut) in their way. They then attack the new building and the player has the possibility to build up a defense.

Clash Royale: Improve cards

At Clash Royale, you can improve cards by using gold when a certain level is reached. The question is, of course, which unit of the Clash-Royale players should improve. Here are a few simple tips:

Quite simply: if you have a taste for a card, it improves.
If you do not make a real money at Clash Royale, you will always have enough gold to improve the units.
It may be worthwhile to regularly improve units that the player may not have included in his deck. Through the improvements, units are not only stronger, they may later fit into a new tactic.

Clash Royale: chests and gems

Chests can only be opened at Clash Royale after a certain time. If you do not want to wait, you can use gems to shorten the waiting period. Whether you want it, everyone has to decide for himself, even if he would like to buy gems by real money.
If you do not want to, you must wait until the waiting time has expired. After all, new gems can be unlocked by the achievement of achievements (successes). An achievement that unlocks 5 gems is given to you, for example, when you watch a match at TV Royale.

Clash Royale: Cheats

There are no cheat codes for Clash Royale, but there is a clash royale hack available for ios and android.
Keep away from offers, where you will be promised many gems free of charge and you have to provide your contact details. This is where fraudsters try to get to your account and then sell it.

SimCity Buildit Cheats and Tips for Simoleons and Simcash


There is nothing like the feeling of getting access to the unlimited number of resources. And with the simcity buildit tips, you can make your dreams come true. If construction game is your favorite one, then you must be fond of the game Simcity buildit that has lots of features for you. You can also give your experience an extra dose of entertainment with the simcity buildit hack that is designed by the professional to take advantage of the game. With the tricks the players can get hold of many new features and the best part is that you will never run out of cash and coins. Thus, including the hoax in your game is one if the best thing that you can do to the game.

There are lots of website on the internet that will offer you the trick. But you have to pick up the genuine one. Based on the rules given below you can choose the best website that will provide you with the genuine guides.

Go for the websites that are updated and does not have any chance of getting attacked by virus and other vulnerabilities. If you have the options, then try to test the tool by using it once. In case you are facing problem apart from the guide, ask from the experts through online chatting option. Never opt for the websites that ask for your personal details like phone number and password. They are usually scams that you might face problem in future.

This video might help beginners, it will show you how you can earn first million of simoleons really easy.

Simoleons are one of the most important factors in the game as with it you can buy other resources for upgrades. In case you are looking to get the cash then follow the simcity buildit guide like:

You can engage into trading with other cities in the game. This way you will earn cash and also will be able to fulfill your daily challenges. You can also opt for the methods like bull doze. Through it you will be able to bulldoze residential sites and earn around four thousands Simoleons per minute. You can also take the help of the tips and tools to get you the cash and coins that you require in the game.

Many benefits are lined up for you when you are playing the game with the hoax. The list of profits that every player wants to know is:

The how to play simcity buildit states that, you can get hold of resources whenever you like and through multiple number of devices. You will not have to restart the game after you have left it off while playing. You can pick up from where you have left off when you are using the hoax. You can have an account on more than one device when you are playing the game. You can play different level from a different device with the help of the tips.

The tricks tool of this game is free of cost, and you can get it on the internet. All you need is a good internet connection, and you too can access the tips whenever you want to. You need not pay any price for the guide to give you resources. Try it to understand its benefits.