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  • Welcome to the Play Roms Online website!

    I aim to bring back some classic, but long forgotten games. And what better place than directly to your internet browser? You don’t need a fancy computer or to download huge files, just some time to kill and a craving for classic retro games!

    I am adding new games, content and online emulators almost every day, but please let me know if you feel something is missing or out of place. A walkthrough section is also planned, but that may need to wait untill we can safely say the site is worth visiting :)

    To get these great retro games working directly in your browser requires Adobe’s Flash and Sun Microsystem’s Java technologies to work correctly. If you get any blank spaces where the game should be, please check they are installed and up to date.
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    Some games are protected by the ESA, and are illegal to distribute, so we don’t! We fully support the gaming industry and want it to continue to produce top quality games, so if you really like those games, buy them!
    We take every step to ensure this site follows the appropriate laws, so if you think any ESA protected games have been posted here, please use the contact form so we can remove them immediately!

    To support our cause, all we ask is you do one of the following:

    • Rate a game by clicking the stars near the top of each game page.
    • Click the Bookmarks button under each game, then submit a game to your favourite site!

    - Abe