Clash of Clans for Android: Barbaric action strategy for mobile phones


You’re talking about epic battles and strategic campaigns? You want to build your own virtual village and compete against other players online? Then the app Clash of Clans for Android is just the thing for you.

Anyone who has ever wanted to leave his barbaric side unchecked and fight against thousands of other players online, should definitely get the free App Clash of Titans for his Android device. Above all, the mixture of strategic combat planning and epic wedge has already attracted thousands of players. And maybe you will soon be one of the great leaders. In the realm of real-time strategy games like Ages of Empire or Command & Conquer, you can prove your strategic abilities at Clash of Titans for Android, destroying other clans.

Clash of Clans for Android: The features

  • In Clash of Clans, you can either build your own clan of barbarians, dragons, magicians, and other fighters, or join an existing Klan and build it together with others
  • Build your village and make it an impregnable fortress with guns, bombs, towers, traps, mortars and walls.
  • Play against players all over the world and defeat them to gain victory points
  • Use a total of 15 different units, all of which can be improved
  • Increases in online rankings
  • Imagine goblin battles to collect experience points that will help you upgrade your clan

In order for you to play the game, an Internet connection is mandatory. Clash of Clans is free to upgrade your clan and village faster, you can make in-app purchases, but this is not a must.

And if you’re looking for tips, tricks, and maybe Clash of Clans hack, take a look at this detailed article. In addition, you will learn how to transfer a Clash Of Clans game. And all questions about the game you can find in the Clash of Clans Wiki.

The setup and strategy game is currently only available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad.