Top Eleven Tips for Winning Tokens

Top Eleven Tip 1. Always remember that recruiting young players will give you an edge over your opponents. Click on the Squad section and check if your current players are on the brink of retirement, or low in skills or health. You can dismiss or sell your old players, poor performers. In the first levels, you will have to sell your players in order to empty the space for new players.

Top Eleven Tip 2. Make sure you have the right trainings. They are essential for your victory. In the Squad screen, select the Training tab and select an active or pre-defined training of better choices. Tactics predefined give you more options to have a perfect training for your team.

What is the most effective active tactic (Training) you recommend Top Eleven?

4-1-3-2 (we recommend)

Top Eleven Tip 3. Always train your players every time you get an opportunity. To train them, go to the training screen and choose the type of training. You will have four training exercises to choose from: Practice Match, Cardio, and Stretching. A few tips:

Training your players in all three types. This will help you enormously in generating skill points.
Each training session lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Clicking on these training modules will gain a certain percentage of skills, but will also reduce the state of health. For example, the stretching exercise will help each player gain on the average 10% of a skill point, but will reduce health by 3%.
The training helps to improve your player skills, but make sure that you do not exaggerate that other process there could be chances of an injury. Check the intensity, and make sure the training level is “Normal” and not “Hard” to avoid injury.

Top Eleven Tip 4. You can earn tokens and money by dealing with sponsors, increasing your ticket sales, using top eleven hack or getting money from the bank. Here are some key tips about earning money and tokens in the Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager:

Sponsorship offers are a sure-shot way to earn money. To sign up for an agreement, go to the Finances screen and click on the Referral tab. Click on the available sponsor to find out how much money you can earn for a season.
To win chips, you can sign up for television rights. To sign a deal, click on the TV Rights tab at the top and click on the open offers. You will get up to 30 chips for a period of 10 days. Make sure to come back often (ie to connect to Facebook and play the game) to win chips. For each connection, you get an additional token.
Another way to earn money is to increase ticket sales. In the Finances screen, set the ticket price and the winning bonus to encourage your club players for a win.
To increase ticket sales, all you have to do is select the Stadium and click the Updates button on the lower right side of the screen. A window will open giving you options to increase your seats, change the type of field, and add more facilities. The bigger and better your stadium, the more spectators you are likely to attract.
If none of these give you enough money to meet your club’s needs, you can get financial help from the banks. On the Finances screen, click the Bank’s Help tab to get cash. But remember that you will have to spend a few chips to get money from a bank.

Top Eleven Tip 5. Avoid cheaters and hacks. You can try trainers but personally I am against using any shortcut to success. It kills the spirit of the game and it is not fun at all in cheating.